Your Vertical Garden to have fresh products at all times!

Vertical & innovative garden, Easy to use, Autonomous management, Fun, Productive all year round with a wide choice of fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers.

The aeroponic vertical vegetable garden allows you to grow fruits and vegetables with a minimum of water, without soil and without pesticides all year round, with a growth multiplied by 3.



Food Safety

Fresh products grown at home

Delicious products

Clean products

No soil required

The food grows 3 times faster and yields 30% more


Une Alimentation Bio chez soi!

We want to give everyone the opportunity to cultivate your vertical vegetable garden by marking a turning point in the practice of urban agriculture.

Enjoy a vegetable garden that is as productive as extraordinary, and enjoy a playful hobby with possibilities hitherto unexplored.

  • Grow up to 20 plants in 1m2!
  • Grow indoors and outdoors

Organic farming makes it possible to eat healthier and more nutritious foods, while protecting the environment.

Organic growing can be an enjoyable and relaxing activity for individuals looking to grow their own food.


Organic food at home!

We want to give everyone the opportunity to cultivate their vertical vegetable garden, marking a turning point in the practice of urban agriculture.

Enjoy a vegetable garden that is as productive as it is extraordinary, and enjoy a playful hobby with hitherto unexplored possibilities.

All-in-one vegetable garden

A complete kit to start your vertical vegetable garden in a few minutes. A simplified installation with individual advice from our team.

Plant growing simplified

Autonomy up to 4 weeks, maintenance 5 minutes per week to add water, nutrients, check the pH, harvest and enjoy every day on your plate.


An aeroponic vegetable garden allows a growth multiplied by 3 with harvests dice 2-3 weeks. Harvest up to 100 kg / year of fruits and vegetables

100% Natural

Our nutrients are of mineral origin for the growth and health of your organic plants. This allows you to have delicious, tasty, ecological and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Vertical Garden
Aeroponic Garden Tower

A Vertical Vegetable Garden at home!

Grow effortlessly!

This aeroponic growing system that allows to grow your own fresh and clean fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers indoors or out, year-round!

Taking care of a vegetable garden becomes child's play. Simply assemble, cultivate without soil with a unique patented system that allows for very fast shoots and with really minimal maintenance!

Aeroponic system allowing a saving of 90% of water, an autonomy of 2 more weeks, and a yield in fruits and vegetables 3x higher!

Finally, the simplicity you dream of is there.

A compact and vertical design, ideal for your outdoor and / or indoor space all year round, a pleasure for the eyes, nose and taste buds.

Your Fresh Fruits & Vegetables!

The perfect combination of simplicity and productivity.

Have your fruits, vegetables and herbs close at hand and rediscover the taste of fresh and natural fruits and vegetables.

From the vegetable garden to the plate, never has the road been so short to enjoy the freshness of vegetables, bursting with nutrients, natural, delicious and tasty.

This tower provides people with the ability to garden just about anywhere — no dirt, no weeding, no mess!





3 weeks








It is now possible to cultivate a real vegetable garden at home which does not require NEITHER experience, NOR land, NOR space required for traditional gardening.

  • Simplify everyday life
  • Organic food & fresh products
  • Fewer shopping
  • Savings
Vertical Garden Home
  • Grow indoors using the LED light kit
  • Ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, nursing homes, etc.

The Experience of a Home Garden

Pleasant Experiences towards a Healthy and Simple Food


“Never having had a green thumb, I found the ideal solution to have a fruit and vegetable garden for the whole family! Tomatoes, salads, zucchini, peppers, eggplants, strawberries ... Children love them. pick and ... eat them! ”

Sarah - Mother


“I was looking for a simple solution to grow my organic fruits and vegetables at home, with a minimum of time. It's super practical, productive and very simple! I take advantage of it for all my meals, salads, delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs, incredible! ”

Sophia - Active woman


“I wanted to have vegetables and herbs on hand. Although occupying only 0.5m2, my Aeropotagers quickly turned into an Amazon rainforest, it's magnificent, I have positioned them in the restaurant and customers appreciate our green touch!”

Dominique -Restaurant owner

Vertical Garden Kitchen

Book your Fruit and Vegetable Garden!

Choose to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home, for the pleasure of the whole family!

Save on your shopping and get a quick return on your investment.

  • The basic model was designed for 20 plants (but an extension kit sold separately in some countries allows you to grow 36 plants per tower).
  • The tower performs beautifully indoors as well thanks to an LED grow light kit that can be purchased separately.

Order your Aeropotager : the ideal Aeroponic Garden for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Vertical tower with 20 planting baskets and wheels for easy movement.
  • Seed starting materials, including a germination tray, rockwool cubes, vermiculite, and support pots.
  • Pump, timer, drain tube, and water monitor.
  • Fertilizers/nutrients (A&B) natural mineral-based plant nutrient solution & measuring cup.
  • pH test kit.
  • Low power consumption LED lights with a simplified digital timer included.

Price payable in one installment, or with 4 or 12 monthly installments, shipping included

  • Kit Tour Jardin : 649€ ou 4 x 162.25€ ou 12 x 54.08€ | Switzerland: 639chf ou 4x 159.75chf | GB: 589£ ou 4x 147.25£ | Canada: $870 ou 12 mensualités de $72.50
  • Lumières LED d'intérieur (option) : 294€ ou 4x 73.50€ ou 12 x 24.50€ | Switzerland: 288chf ou 4x 72chf | GB: 261£ ou 4x 65.25£ | Canada: $416 ou 12 mensualités de $34.67

* Price can vary slightly according to the country of the order.

The Aeroponic Garden Tower has been available in Canada for 10 years.

In Europe, it has been available since November 2022 (France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain Switzerland,...).

(Please contact us to be informed about the opening of other countries).

Place your order online with the home delivery service:

* Eshop - Home delivery - Payment global or with 4 - 12 monthly installments (available in some countries)*

Return conditions & warranty : please read the detailed conditions on the order site.

Please contact us for orders over 2 Aéropotagers (with 10% discount benefits available with the Plus Membership).

=> CONTACT US for more information, or to book in other countries

Aeroponic Garden Tower

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