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Vertical Garden Kitchen

Book your Fruit and Vegetable Garden!

Choose to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home, for the pleasure of the whole family!

Save on your shopping and get a quick return on your investment.

  • The basic model was designed for 20 plants (but an extension kit sold separately in some countries allows you to grow 36 plants per tower).
  • The tower performs beautifully indoors as well thanks to an LED grow light kit that can be purchased separately.

Order your Aeropotager : the ideal Aeroponic Garden for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Vertical tower with 20 planting baskets and wheels for easy movement.
  • Seed starting materials, including a germination tray, rockwool cubes, vermiculite, and support pots.
  • Pump, timer, drain tube, and water monitor.
  • Fertilizers/nutrients (A&B) natural mineral-based plant nutrient solution & measuring cup.
  • pH test kit.
  • Low power consumption LED lights with a simplified digital timer included.

Price payable in one installment, or with 4 or 12 monthly installments, shipping included

  • Kit Tour Jardin : 649€ ou 4 x 162.25€ ou 12 x 54.08€ | Switzerland: 639chf ou 4x 159.75chf | GB: 589£ ou 4x 147.25£ | Canada: $870 ou 12 mensualités de $72.50
  • Lumières LED d'intérieur (option) : 294€ ou 4x 73.50€ ou 12 x 24.50€ | Switzerland: 288chf ou 4x 72chf | GB: 261£ ou 4x 65.25£ | Canada: $416 ou 12 mensualités de $34.67

* Price can vary slightly according to the country of the order.

The Aeroponic Garden Tower has been available in Canada for 10 years.

In Europe, it has been available since November 2022 (France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain Switzerland,...).

(Please contact us to be informed about the opening of other countries).

Place your order online with the home delivery service:

* Eshop - Home delivery - Payment global or with 4 - 12 monthly installments (available in some countries)*

Return conditions & warranty : please read the detailed conditions on the order site.

Please contact us for orders over 2 Aéropotagers (with 10% discount benefits available with the Plus Membership).

=> CONTACT US for more information, or to book in other countries

Aeroponic Garden Tower

Online Order & Home Shipping

How to order your garden tower?
You can order directly through our partner website and have your garden tower delivered directly to your home in most countries where we are present.
If the website for your country is not available on this page, please contact us indicating your country to inquire about the ordering process.
Please fill out the form or contact us through the chat at the bottom of this page.
A member of the Garden Tower support team will be in touch with you to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the ordering process.
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Home delivery service included!
You will receive your Garden Tower within 5 to 7 business days after order confirmation and receipt of payment. Orders for Europe are shipped from our warehouse in Germany.

* The prices indicated may vary significantly depending on the country as they include delivery.

We are present in 28 countries.

Free Delivery
Live and share your Experience!
You will receive a guide to easily set up your aeroponic garden!
We will also be available via chat for any questions you may have.
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Follow-up & Advice
When you purchase your Aeroponic Garden Tower® through our website, you will receive the exact same price as if you were purchasing your tower directly from the manufacturer.
However, as a thank you, Aeroponic Garden Tower customers benefit from our experience and support: you can directly address us with your questions and we will be available to assist you in your language! You will also receive a link to a guide with advice.
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Process to receive the Tower Garden Aéropotager

Simple Steps


Choose your country and the items you wish to order.

Prices may vary slightly depending on the country. Prices include VAT and shipping fees.


If you are in an open country, you can order directly through our partner website.

Otherwise, please fill out the form below with the desired information and click the "Submit" button.


You will receive additional information by email, including confirmation and tracking of your order.


Delivery within 5 business days.

Upon receipt of your payment, your Aeroponic Garden Tower will be shipped to you via DHL from our warehouse in Germany for Europe.

All items are in stock. DHL provides delivery services throughout Europe and Canada.

We do not currently ship to overseas departments and territories (DOM-TOM). We recommend residents of DOM-TOM to use a forwarding service in mainland France.

Form of Contact & Order

You can contact us through the chat on this website or via this form for any information request.

Depending on the country you are located in, you can place the order on the partner website of your country.

Please fill out the form below to receive additional information. Thank you.

Garden Tower

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