Our Recommandation for Optimal Nutrition

Enjoy the Fruits & Vegetables from your Aeropotager & Complement as well

We recommend a family and individual support program towards sustainable balanced and healthy nutrition.

The Aeroponic Vertical Garden already provides you and your family with essential fruits and vegetables, along with a complimentary follow-up program to inspire people towards a healthy lifestyle, considering diverse aspetcs such as nutrition, movement, coaching, and privileged access to our membership area where you will find online ebooks, guides with numerous tips and tricks, as well as special detox recipes.

You will receive step-by-step support, including a healthy shopping list, what to do before/during/after, detox advice, recommended types of exercise, and more.

In addition to your personal advisor, you will have access to the online support group where you can ask questions, get recipes and health advice, and share your experience.

Also, consider your needs for antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

We recommend the following healthy and natural solutions for that.

Nutrition Coach

Pack Baies

10 assorted dehydrated berries

Vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals

 Multitude of health benefits

Antioxidant effect

Skin and microcirculation

Optimal health

0.90 € / day * 

1.20 chf / day *

Skin health benefit

Pack Omégas

Omégas 3-5-7-9, EPA & DHA

Completely natural and 100% plant-based source.

Multitude of health benefits, particularly for the brain, vision, and heart.

Immune health, cardiovascular health

Addressing Omega-3 deficiencies

1.30 € / day * 

1.80 chf / day *

Selection Omegas
Home delivery service included!
* The prices indicated may vary significantly depending on the country as they include delivery.
We are present in 28 countries.
Free delivery
FREE Fruits & Vegetables for Kids!

A child ( less than 22 years old ) can receive a complete nutritional supplementation for free for a maximum of 4 years (*option offered upon request).

Your child can benefit from a selection of fruits and vegetables in the form of candies (with Tapioca for the pleasure of chewing candies and slightly sweetened with natural sugar from organic Swiss sugar beets, appealing to all taste buds!)

*For any adult pack including the Premium Fruits Vegetables & Berries or the Duo Fruits & Vegetables.

Trio Gummies

Program & Follow-up

Our programs include access to the Premium member area.
 12-week or more program, accompanied by a Cclub advisor
Access to the Premium L.E.A.N. ChallengesClub member area
Videos, Ebooks & Live Webinars to guide you
Nutrition & Movement Coaching Support
Healthy and Delicious Recipe Guides & Ebooks, Shopping Lists, Tips,...
Challenges & Movement Sessions
Sharing and motivation in the Plus+ Community group
Individual contact and monthly group consultation with an advisor
Gift for orders placed before the end of the month: 120-page Vital Energy Booklet (value: 200€) FREE

Webinars & Facebook Lives

✓ Detox & Reset, why and how to do a detox?

✓ Intelligent Weight Management

✓ Sports: Mental Preparation, Performance, Recovery

✓ Skin, Hair, Nails: "Beauty Comes from Within"

✓ Longevity & Anti-aging: "Being at the Top at 40 and Beyond"

✓ Health, Immune System & Vitality

✓ Children & Family Health

Contact us to receive an invitation to our webinars!

Would you like to benefit from a free Nutrition & Well-being Assessment?

Nutrition Coaching

Do you have any questions?

Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you :)

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