Our Objective & Mission

Vertical Garden

Bringing a garden to everyone's home & Inspiring a healthy lifestyle.

In a challenging context, the goal of our organization is to provide everyone with the opportunity to have easy access to healthy nutrition and concrete solutions to today's needs.

To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness about vertical gardens and their benefits
  • Introduce aeroponics as a practical solution for all
  • Inspire families and organizations towards healthy nutrition
  • Emphasize the importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet
  • Discover the flavors and benefits of aromatic herbs
  • Provide concrete solutions for a rich and diverse diet
  • Promote sustainable development and ecological practices

Furthermore, we work towards the development of agriculture and its benefits in urban areas, designing spaces for gardens or vegetable production on rooftops, terraces, or productive and ecological urban farms.

Services & Follow-up

We also develop service offerings focused on social connection and team cohesion, through participatory gardening, seasonal cooking workshops, and permaculture gardening with team building activities.

Vertical Garden

Testimonials & Experiences


What a useful discovery!

Since then, I no longer need to travel as much for groceries, I have fresh vegetables at hand whenever I want, and I even save money! Moreover, the children love it, they have fun picking and eating fruits and vegetables at last!

Stella M.



I first tried it out and then decided to invest in about ten aeroponic systems for my restaurant. I placed some of them in my dining area, and the customers appreciate seeing that we provide them with fresh produce.

Furthermore, my inventory management has been greatly simplified, and my costs have decreased significantly, especially for herbs and aromatic plants.

Julien P.

Chef Restaurateur


We followed the suggestions and recommended programs to implement a specific educational program for pupils, which has been very interesting in addressing topics such as biology and the needs of plants, as well as nutrition and health, while instilling good values aligned with ecology.

Virginia D.


We need you!

Note: Distributors wanted

We are currently looking for distributors in all European countries.

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