Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture

The fruits and vegetables come to you!

Do you want to incorporate an urban farm into your project?

Imagine greener and more sustainable cities where certain fruits and vegetables are produced locally...

Urban agriculture emerges as the solution for a local, productive, and environmentally friendly consumption model. It enables the production of healthy, nutritious, and flavorful foods.

Become an actor of change

Urban Farm: A Market Garden Project

for Terraces, Markets, Supermarkets, and Organizations

Urban Farm

An urban farm can be associated with your restaurant or retail project (supermarket, market, or grocery store) to offer your customers ultra-fresh products without transportation costs!

Aeroponic gardens allow the cultivation of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs through a short supply chain that brings producers and consumers closer together. They enable high production yields with optimal space utilization while respecting the environment.

The products are chosen for their flavors and harvested at peak ripeness.

Don't hesitate to contact us for assistance in realizing your project.

Tower Garden Terrace

Source: @ Cuisine Mode d'Emploi

Tower Garden
Tower Garden

From Tower to Table in 10 Steps for Restaurateurs

More and more chefs and restaurateurs are using aeroponic tower gardens to have high-quality fruits, vegetables, and herbs with delicious flavors, harvested at peak ripeness, to enhance their dishes.

Not to mention the decorative aspect for restaurants and the ecological and organic values that appeal to customers.

Chefs Restaurateurs

Vegetable Gardens & Workshops in Companies

You can set up vegetable gardens in your establishment (rooftops, indoor courtyards, terraces).

We offer support for design, installation, maintenance, and site management to provide you with a unique experience focused on a healthy lifestyle, health, and nutrition for your community. Employees become "consom'acteurs" (consumer-actors), raising awareness about agriculture and healthy eating.

More than just an environmental initiative, aeroponic gardens also contribute to social connections through community engagement around the produce from your garden.

A true community is formed around this green space and activities, fostering collaboration and working towards the development of gardens, a healthy lifestyle, and nutrition with a positive mindset, all part of a shared project.

We also offer services focused on social connections and team cohesion through participatory gardening and team-building workshops centered around seasonal cooking and permaculture gardening.

Vegetable Gardens

Vegetable Gardens as an Educational Model in Schools

Our mission also involves bringing aeroponic gardens to schools, to create healthier lunches and practical science lessons.

It is gratifying to see that the aeroponic technology of the Aeropotager® is well received in education, as we understand how important it is for students of all ages to learn how to grow food in their schools, to familiarize themselves with fruits and vegetables, and to adopt a healthy nutrition for their entire lives.

Vegetable Gardens as an Educational Model in Schools

The Heart of Nutrition for Families & Communities

A Vertical Garden for All!

A vertical garden for Individuals & Families.

And also for Groups and Communities.

  • Schools, Universities & Daycares, for engaging children in nutrition education.
  • Restaurants, for chefs to have fresh and healthy food, especially having a variety of herbs always available.
  • Vegan restaurants with self-service salad options directly on the plate!
  • School or Company cafeterias, to provide healthy nutrition.
  • Hospitals, to provide the best nutrition on-site.
  • Spas, to offer their clients the best in nutrition for their health, even in vacation spots (Hotels & Campgrounds).
  • Nursing homes, Retirement homes, Assisted Living facilities, and Homes to provide the best in nutrition and reconnect with the joy of gardening.
  • Urban farms or farms promoting organic and diverse produce.
  • Various communities and associations.


A garden at home, whether you're in the city or countryside!

Simple and fun nutrition with family or friends!

  • For PARENTS, to educate their children and provide healthy and fresh food for their families.
  • For MILLENNIALS expressing their unique lifestyle, sharing photos and experiences with homegrown food.
  • For NUTRITION ENTHUSIASTS, to cultivate and enjoy the freshest and most flavorful green vegetables.
  • For SENIOR INDIVIDUALS appreciating something meaningful, useful, and fun, even with limited physical abilities.
  • For SCHOOLS, to help children discover where food comes from and learn to love eating healthily.
  • For CHEFS, to provide the freshest products and express their vision of fresh, local, and healthy food.

The heart of Nutrition at your fingertips!

Tower Garden
Tower Garden House
Tower Garden Kids
Tower Garden House
Tower Garden Farming

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